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Productivity and Business Planner - Sage

Productivity and Business Planner - Sage

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The ULTIMATE Productivity and Business Planner 



This planner is for the Boss Babes, women entrepreneurs looking to intentionally plan their lives, to finally create the lifestyle that they deserve. Say hi to your new bestieeee! This all-in-one planner will save you so much space as it contains all your necessities! Also can't forget to mention how gorgeousssssss it is! Eyessss on the prize Hustler Babe!

Elevate your daily organization and productivity with our luxurious SHEO In Business planner. Crafted with premium materials and exquisite design, this planner is meant to enhance your productivity journey. Our planner is designed for success, with dedicated sections for goal setting, time management, personal finance & self-development.  Experience a new level of luxury in planning your life and executing your goals one day at a time. 

 📹💎To see a full breakdown of the planner content please check out the video on our homepage or watch our video on YouTube ➡︎ 



Product Details:

  • Undated Planner: Last for 3 months (31 days spread X3)
  • Hardcover: 294 Pages
  • Double Bookmark
  • Item Weight: 725g
  • Item Size: 22cm x 17cm (LxW)


What to expect:

This all-in-one planner will keep your life organized and structured. To ensure that we cover the fundamentals of personal growth we have included the following components in the SHEO In Business planner :

  1. PRODUCTIVITY (daily planner structured for 31 days)
  2. SELF DEVELOPMENT ( Exercise to help you attain your best self)
  3. PERSONAL FINANCE (all things budgeting and money management)
  4. BUSINESS ( tools to structure and grow your business)
  5. EXTRAS ( Some additional tools that we know you will love!)


Returns and Exchanges:


To ensure the utmost quality of our products returns and exchanges are not available for this product. Please refer to the full policy. For any inquiries or concerns please feel free to contact our team:


*** Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries you may have and we would be more than happy to assist you!



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