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Saving Challenge Bundle Vol.1 - (Digital Download)

Saving Challenge Bundle Vol.1 - (Digital Download)

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 Saving Challenge Bundle Vol.1 - (Digital Download)


Hiii Budget Babe 💕
Let's make 2024 a memorable one! This year is all about taking Financial control and working towards financial clarity!
Your financial journey shouldn't be a dull one! It's all about trusting the process and enjoying it too. This is why the Savings Challenge Bundle Vol.1 is perfect for you! T

What you will be receiving

1. Saving Challenge Bundle Vol.1 - (Digital Download)

All documents come in the PDF size of 8.5 x 11 in

Description of Product

Below is a breakdown of the savings book :
1. This Savings Challenge Bundle comes with 15 Distinct Saving Challenges 
  •  20 + 22 Saving Challenge (SAVE $1512)
  • $5 Saving Challenge  (SAVE $500)
  • $50  Saving Challenge  (SAVE $1250)
  • Invest In Me  Saving Challenge   (SAVE $425)
  • $1000 Saving Challenge   (SAVE $100)
  • All Aboard  Saving Challenge  (SAVE $500)
  • 52 weeks  Saving Challenge   (SAVE $1378)
  • $5000  Saving Challenge  (SAVE $5000)
  • 100 Envelopes  Saving Challenge   (SAVE $5050)
  • $2000  Saving Challenge  (SAVE $2000)
  • Fall in Love With... Saving Challenge  (SAVE $200)
  • Femme Fatale  Saving Challenge  (SAVE - Variable)
  • Loose Change  Saving Challenge  (SAVE - Variable)
  • 31 Days  Saving Challenge   (SAVE $496)
  • 12 Month  Saving Challenge  (SAVE - Variable)

 This Savings book also comes with :

  • 15 Saving Overview Pages for each individual challenge
  • Yearly Saving Tracker 

* If you complete all the saving challenges you will be saving over $20,000 (it also depends on the variable saving challenges)

Complete one, a couple, or all of the challenges! The choice is yours and remember to do these challenges at your pace!


*** Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries you may have and we would be more than happy to assist you!

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